How will cuts affect Southeast Technical and Rainy River ?

Some reports on how the recent budget-cutting legislation might effect schools is starting to trickle in from various colleges.

Here the Red Wing Republican Eagle reports on Minnesota State College-Southeast Technical:

The technical college would have to shave off about $1 million from its budget this year and another $1 million next year, Johnson said.

Because of fewer staff members, the college would have to share its staff with other campuses and institutions, he said. This would mean students would have less access to instructors.

The cuts would also mean fewer technology upgrades, fewer classes offered and larger class sizes, Johnson said.

“(That’s) one of the bigger things that will impact students,” Johnson said. “The ability of them to move through college in a timely manner – all because we will be (able to) offer less.”

I’ve also got a call out to Rainy River Community College, which Rep. Tom Rukavina (DFL-Virginia) has suggested could close because of the cuts.

The Journal of International Falls reports:

[State Rep. Tom Anzelc, (DFL-Balsam Township)] said the bill could be a job killer for Rainy River Community College.

“I do not know how our community college can absorb these cuts without laying people off,” said Anzelc.

Yeah, we need a few more specifics on that one.