A different take on why college costs so much

Here’s something I didn’t get around to posting on this morning’s live-blogging session — a different voice in the college cost debate.

It’s from Richard Vedder, the Ohio University economist and adjunct scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, a thinktank for conservative-libertarian thought. He has published books and contributed to the Chronicle of Higher Education and Forbes among others.

Vedder has irritated his share of people in the academic world, calling it — just in this video — a “medievally organized” system that’s “not disciplined by market forces,” and which plays along with the government’s push to open up college to students who are “ill prepared” and “don’t have the cognitive skills” to succeed there.

In a past post, reader JoannaOC commented:

Neocon ideologue Vedder (clue: American Enterprise Institute) continues promoting the pro-corporate/anti-public sphere agenda. That’s not a surprise. But really, such shoddy argumentation!

In that same post, wbgleason wrote:

I am usually somewhat sympathetic to points Vedder makes about more efficiently running our educational enterprise. We part company on the definition of efficient.