What it means to be on a suitcase campus


Cynthia Johnson describes in TommieMedia what it’s like being one of few out-of-state students at the University of St. Thomas, which she calls a “suitcase” campus:

Because I was from Chicago, this concerned me because many of my new-found Minnesota friends went home for the weekends, leaving an empty feeling on campus I had not anticipated. As a sophomore this year, more of my friends have cars and houses off-campus, which also contributes to an overall sense of isolation.

About 15 percent of St. Thomas freshmen are from out of state, Johnson writes, adding:

This stagnant number concerns me. … Attracting more students from outside Minnesota would give St. Thomas greater national recognition than it already has. More out-of-state students would also create more diversity on campus because different regions of the country would be represented.