U: Soudan mine fire unrelated to physics experiment


Just a note:

The fire in the mine shaft at Soudan Underground Mine State Park near Tower is not connected to the University of Minnesota physics experiment being conducted there, university spokesman Dan Wolter told me. Nor is it thought to be damaged.

(No injuries so far, either.)

The fire between the 23rd and 25th levels of the mine, and the experiment is on the 27th level.

You can read a short story by MPR’s Bill Caitlin here and read the press release on the fire here.

Wolter said:

“The fire is several levels above the physics lab, so it is not believed to have started the fire. Also, it currently is not believed to be damaged by the fire, but that likely won’t be fully known until the fire is put out and staff are able to re-enter the mine.”
Here’s some background information on the research going on there.