Notes in the Margins: Rankings, jocks and too many doctorates

What do students miss with a virtual education? It’s one thing to be in a dorm room working and studying. At least in that setting, students most likely have roommates and neighbors, shared areas. IIt’s quite another to have a computer with school-related social interactions conducted exclusively through email, voice and video chat, instant messaging, and other electronic means of communication. What gets lost if students don’t have a quad or library at all? (ZDNet via University Business)

Ralph Nader Calls For Ending Athletic Scholarships Consumer advocate Ralph Nader is calling for the elimination of college athletic scholarships, saying the move is necessary to “de-professionalize” college athletes. (Associated Press via The Huffington Post)

Are College Rankers Becoming Too Powerful? College rankings are growing in influence globally according to a new book. (US News & World Report)

The Danger of the “Practical” University In terms of higher education, American policymakers must focus not just on educating people, but on educating people for specific jobs, so says the National Governors Association. Wow, that’s shortsighted. (The Huffington Post)

New President of the Association of American Universities Sees Possible Trouble in Too Many Doctoral Programs Hunter R. Rawlings is concerned that some universities, seeking prestigious top rankings, may be operating programs that produce students without good job prospects. (Chronicle of Higher Education)