Notes in the Margins: Free food, Jewish students and the public university

Ex-student pleads guilty in Va. college shooting A former college student upset about his failing math grade pleaded guilty Monday to attempted murder for shooting at his professor in a community-college classroom. (Associated Press via The Boston Globe)

Does It Matter Where You Go To College? There’s not much evidence that one elite university is distinguishable from the next, but research shows that institutions actually do matter on the low end of the scale. Collectively, Americans seem to think the exact opposite. (The Quick & The Ed)

College students get tips finding free food, but nutrition isn’t counted Invented by a recent college graduate, food-bot steers students toward campus events featuring free food. (The Washington Post)

Pa. Lutheran college hot among Jewish students One of the hottest college campuses in the U.S. for Jewish students is also one of the unlikeliest: a small Lutheran school erected around a soaring stone chapel with a cross on top. (USA Today)

UCSB Prof: Still Unmaking the Public University The book explains in detail that we have been witnessing a decades-old effort to give the public university a lesser place in American society, which in turn downgraded its major social creation, a racially-mixed mass middle class, one whose professional knowledge and cultural sophistication had by the 1960s entitled its members to a much larger slice of the political and economic pie. (The Huffington Post)