Why 1 in 2 North Hennepin Community College students needs to lose weight


More bad news on the “Freshman 15”:

Trying to figure out why a recent study at North Hennepin Community College showed that almost half of the students there were obese or overweight, Lisa Furgison of Northwest Community Television’s 12 TV went to the school and found:

At the campus cafeteria, students were already munching on deep fried foods at 10 a.m. “This is my breakfast,” Andera Arnkupovic said with a plate of chicken fingers in front of her. “I had to grab something quick because I have class in a few minutes.”

Arnkupovic says she doesn’t have a lot of healthy options when she eats on campus. “This is eating healthy in comparison to some of the options here,” she said. A tour through the school’s cafeteria shows a variety of fatty foods from corn dogs to french fries.

The college is apparently adding more fruits, veggies and other healthful options.

(For some reason, I found this surprising. These days I see more granola, bean sprouts and fat-free yogurt than pizza at college cafeterias. I figured the fatty cafeteria food problem had been tackled in the 1990s, and was now just an issue at K-12. Looks like I’ve got to get our more.)

Click here to watch the news program.The food segment is at the 6:15 mark. The reporter also contributed this story to Yahoo! News.