U of Minnesota: Studying a costly major? You might have to cough up more.


MPR Photo/Nikki Tundel

No more prix fixe at the U?

Carlson School of Management junior Chantal Wilson worries that the University of Minnesota’s proposal to charge more for majors that are expensive to teach could prevent students from studying what interests them:

“I worry about this deterring students from choosing some majors that can be fairly expensive simply because the fees are so large.”

The new “differential” pricing scheme could go into effect this fall.

This sounds similar to what’s going on in Washington state, where, The Seattle Times reports:

The legislation would encourage the state’s six four-year schools to set different prices on different programs, to more accurately reflect their cost. For example, an engineering degree at the University of Washington might cost more than an English degree.

It’s an interesting development, especially in the context of discussions over the career prospects that particular majors offer — and whether higher-education institutions should counsel students on costs, debt and the job market of their prospective fields before the young scholars enroll.

In any case, read the full story in the Minnesota Daily here.