Social networking: Creating narcissistic students, or attracting them? And is that so bad?


Should we chalk up the results above to social networking by our college children?

According to a USA Today piece on today’s college students, there may be a correlation. Yet this York University piece last September suggested that social media sites such as Facebook might just be attracting narcissists and those with low self-esteem.

A USA Today blogger, who’s a recent college grad and a (who’d have thought?) marketing intern brought both up in an article today. After mentioning social media’s role in recent uprisings, she came to the basic conclusion:

Sites like Facebook and Twitter have given a voice to people who usually remain unheard, empowering individuals. … It gives us the ability to relate to the hopes and struggles of people throughout world first hand. … So, even if social media tends to make us a little more narcissistic, that’s something we can live with.

You decide.