Notes in the Margins: Tuition menus, for-profit attacks and Harvard questions need for college

Rice announces support for ROTC Professor Condoleezza Rice recently announced her support for the “full reinstatement” of the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) at Stanford. (The Stanford Daily)

Investigators Accused Of ‘Malpractice’ In Report On For-Profit Colleges The for-profit college industry in recent months has seized on revisions made to the report in November – changes that in many cases represent technical tweaks and elaborations, but that the industry says have “cast serious doubt on the credibility and objectivity of the GAO’s analysis. (The Huffington Post)

Governor’s Budget Would Cost Stony Brook $67 Million in State Funding Stony Brook University — where incoming U of M President Eric Kaler serves as provost — is reeling from Governor Andrew Cuomo’s budget for 2011-2012, which was released earlier today. Cuomo calls for a reduction of 10 percent of SUNY’s operating budget, which equates to well over $100 million. Stony Brook University, the system’s second largest campus, expects to lose approximately $12 million. (

Washington Bill: Different tuition for each program The legislation would encourage the state’s six four-year schools to set different prices on different programs, to more accurately reflect their cost. For example, an engineering degree at the University of Washington might cost more than an English degree. (The Seattle Times)

Does everyone need a college degree? Maybe not, says Harvard study Increasingly, some educators are calling for more attention to the career part of the equation — and questioning whether a traditional four-year college degree is necessarily the best path for everyone. A new report released by Harvard Wednesday states in some of the strongest terms yet that such a “college for all” emphasis may actually harm many American students – keeping them from having a smooth transition from adolescence to adulthood and a viable career. ( via Yahoo)