Notes in the Margins: Quakes, bargaining rights and fading HOPE

For-profit education shorts: 0, Lobbyists: 1 Steve Eisman, the short-seller who put himself on the map during the credit crisis, may have suffered a major setback in his campaign against for-profit higher education last week when the House voted resoundingly to strip funding for tough new regulations on the industry. Or did he? (CNN)

Collective Bargaining Rights and Higher Education An online higher education publication is reporting on how college faculty members, in addition to schoolteachers, are at risk of losing their collective bargaining rights. (The New York Times)

New Zealand’s Universities Near Earthquake Are Relatively Undamaged But an unknown number of English-language students from Asia are among the dead in a collapsed office building. (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Major Georgia Scholarship Faces Deep Cuts Georgia’s HOPE Scholarship promise was simple: Get good grades in high school, get a free college education. More than a million students took advantage. Soon, however, it may be offered only to the brightest of the bright. (Associated Press via The Huffington Post)

A Founding Father’s Books Turn Up The discovery of books that once had been in Thomas Jefferson’s library has made Washington University in St. Louis the third largest repository of his collections. (The New York Times)