Notes in the Margins: Head cams, a data deluge and the higher-ed bubble

Universities On The Brink Like many situations too good to be true–like the dot-com boom, the Enron bubble, the housing boom or the health care cost explosion–the ever-increasing cost of university education is not sustainable. (Forbes)

NYU Professor Wafaa Bilal’s Body Rejects Head-Cam Implant New York University arts professor Wafaa Bilal, who recently implanted a camera in the back of his head, underwent surgery on Friday after his body rejected one of the titanium posts anchoring the device to his skull. (The Huffington Post)

Women Top Men at Earning Bachelor’s Degrees, U.S. Data Show Women in the U.S. are almost twice as likely as men to earn a bachelor’s degree by age 23, underscoring decades of gains by females in schools and the workforce, according to a government survey. (Bloomberg)

Fine-tuning GI Bill’s latest changes A key veterans group already is planning how to modify some aspects of the major revision to the Post-9/11 GI Bill signed into law Jan. 5. (Military Times Edge)

Dumped On by Data: Scientists Say a Deluge Is Drowning Research In 10 articles published in “Science,” researchers suggest there’s plenty of blame to go around for the vast waste of findings. (Chronicle of Higher Education)