Notes in the Margins: Cuba, the military and tiger moms

More college grads joining military The recession and a tough job market have more college graduates joining the military, officials said. The only military branch without noticeable college graduate gains is the Marine Corps. (United Press International)

Tri-Valley University, So-Called ‘Sham University,’ Probed For Visa Fraud The government of India is urging the United States to show leniency toward Indian students who were enrolled at a “sham university” in California that U.S. authorities say was a front for illegal immigration. (Huffington Post)

End Run Around an Embargo: One Professor’s Program in Cuba Since 2004 A professor at Hampshire College, who has been running an exchange program in Cuba for years, talks about what the lifting of restrictions will mean. (

Bills Seek Greater Legislative Control Over North Dakota Higher Education Several bills in the North Dakota Legislature aim to give lawmakers more control over higher education. Some worry the bills could lead to micromanagement of the colleges and universities while others say the proposals could open up healthy discussions about best practices. (

A Lot of Stress, Not a Lot of Learning Actually college courses are very demanding; they’re just not very good. (Huffington Post)

Tiger mom adds to stereotype that burdens Asian American students High-achieving Asian Americans have been struggling against an “Asian tax” in college as well as graduate school admissions for over three decades. In the late ’80s, the federal government investigated charges that Asian American college applicants faced a higher admissions bar than other groups. They concluded in 1990 that Harvard admitted Asian American applicants at a lower rate than white students despite the fact that Asian American applicants had slightly stronger test scores and grades. (UCLA Today)