Notes in the Margins: Conservatives, drugs and the admissions arms race

A College Opts Out of the Admissions Arms Race Ursinus College in Pennsylvania decides it can no longer sustain annual, double-digit growth in applications, and in the process becomes the rare college making it harder to apply. (The New York Times)

Obama’s education budget would spare Pell grants, increase spending 11% overall President Obama wants a significant jump in education funding to pay for Pell grants for needy college students while also financing his reform agenda for elementary and secondary schools. (The Washington Post)

Conservatism 101 Republicans are making inroads at a traditional liberal stronghold: the Ivy League. (The Boston Globe)

8 Awful Drug Trends Lately, it seems like some college students will try anything to get a thrill — from fake weed to toiletries toalcoholic whipped cream. We decided to take a look at the worst substance abuse trends in recent history and came up with eight that deserve a place in the hall of shame. (The Huffington Post)

College freshmen report rising stress Survey links economic worries at home, school with unprecedented levels of strain on campus. (Indianapolis Star)