Gustavus changing escort service because of misuse

Sergeant Mike English of Gustavus Adolphus College’s campus safety division tells The Gustavian Weekly one reason the school is changing its motorized campus escort program from a call-in service to one more like a bus system, with a route and 14 pick-up points:

“In the years that the Campus Safety escort system has been in use, it’s become a question of misuse.  We’ll receive a call and have four or five people at a stop and we wonder if that escort system is really necessary. … (Also), employees would phone in and not show up for their escorts. Employees would wait up to five minutes with three other calls on the line when they’re only supposed to wait for a minute, which backed up the escort system quite a bit.”

  • I wonder if they will make the long over-due change to their weapons policy too.

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