A quick chat about textbooks and cost

  1. Listen What's up with textbooks?

    My conversation with Tom Crann on All Things Considered

Just a rundown of what I’ve been posting here on On Campus. It skims the issue for the general audience, but is based on the report that the Office of Higher Education presented to the House higher-ed committee.

The report focused on the role of professors. But faculty: Don’t get hot under the collar. You’re not the problem. You’re just seen as a solution, and the report gives you a nudge.

  • Jpastor

    I am a Professor of Biology at the University of Minnesota Duluth. While I try to emphasize to my students that the books we require are the tools in their toolbox and we try to find the best tools for them, we are aware of their high cost. Our bookstore charges a 40% markup on books. Instead of placing orders with the bookstore, I send an email out to all the students in the class a few weeks before class begins letting them know which textbook I am using and suggesting they search online for it. Most students appreciate this and have the textbook by the first day of class.

    John Pastor