Why grad students should drop Dr. Seuss from their application essays


ladybugbkt via Flickr

And this has exactly what to do with your research interests?

Chronicle of Higher Education blogger “Female Science Professor” talks about how graduate-school applicants need to write more about their scholarly experiences and interests — and can the cutesy stuff:

At the risk of sounding like a cranky old science professor, I will state emphatically that when I read an application to our graduate program, I do not want to hear about your second-grade teacher (with all due respect to excellent second-grade teachers). Neither do I want to read about a star-gazing experience at age 8 (even on a cold, windswept hill), a childhood chemistry set (no matter how beloved), a fantastic documentary that someone happened to find when a televised golf match was canceled (serendipity!), or anything that is supposed to convince the graduate faculty that you have really, truly, profoundly loved science for a long time.

Read the whole gripe here.