Goldy did it. I mean he REALLY did it.

Goldy Gopher

I’ve covered a little of Goldy’ Gopher’s rise to the top — and it looks like he’s finally reached it.

After taking third place in last year’s national mascot competition, he placed first at the event this weekend — the first time ever — this weekend at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla.

The University of Minnesota dance team also placed first — in the jazz and pom divisions — for the second year in a row at what’s called the 2011 UCA/UDA College Cheerleading and Dance Team National Championship.

You can click the picture above to get some Goldy action at the event (it starts around the 40-second mark), and click here to get more videos on Goldy and the dancers.

Here are the Mascot Division IA final results from (?). (The original source may be

1. University of Minnesota – “Goldy Gopher”

2. Auburn University – “Aubie”

3. University of Colorado – “Chip”

4. Michigan State University – “Sparty”

5. Louisiana State University – “Mike t he Tiger ”

6. University of Oklahoma – “Boomer”

7. University of Alabama – “Big AL”

8. University of Tennessee – “Smokey”

9. UCF – “Knightro”

10. Syracuse University – “Otto the Orange

Below was the championship entry video: