Tina Fey in movie about college admissions

Oh, to stare into the world of an admissions officer. What would we find? Are they as uptight and quietly elitist as the one portrayed in Risky Business?

We may get another look. The Hollywood Web site TheWrap.com reports that comedy star Tina Fey will be starring in a movie about “an admissions officer at Princeton and her relationship with a prospective student who may not be Ivy League material.”

It’s based on the Jean Hanff Korelitz’s novel Admission. The Los Angeles Times writes:

Parents of students aspiring to elite universities may want to wait to read Jean Hanff Korelitz’s novel “Admission,” about a Princeton admissions officer in crisis. Korelitz’s depiction will reinforce their fear that getting into an Ivy League school takes far more than being an excellent student — curing cancer might do it, so long as some other 17-year-old doesn’t do it first. Yes, Portia Nathan affirms, when confronted by an angry mother, kids can get a good education at a lot of colleges. But her world is the Ivies — she went to Dartmouth — and she knows that entering it is increasingly difficult.

Doesn’t sound like it’ll calm any parent’s fears.