MSU Moorhead official: At-risk students may go to community college instead

After posting on the closing of MSU Moorhead’s Corrick Center for at-risk students, I talked to university spokesman Doug Hamilton. He told me the job of handling at-risk students may go to the nearby community college, which he said can give the students the support they need.

“It’s a more efficient use of resources,” he said.

I hope to talk to him in more detail about that. I’ve asked for a copy of the task force report on the center and graduation rates. I’m curious whether this move is a one-off or reflective of such programs at other colleges.

Update: I asked Denise Gorsline, dean of Moorhead’s University College, whether current Corrick students might be advised to attend a community college instead of attending the university.

“It’s possible that could happen,” she said. “It’s possible. But we’re certainly not trying to get rid of them.”