How politically candid should profs be with students?

In her blog post Gotcha! How Open is too Open? professor Lee Elaine Skallerup frets over how candid she should be with her students after suspecting one of them used an iPhone to record her political comments during an informal meeting:

The take-away from the rise in technology in higher education? Don’t be yourself. Sorry, Academia, I can’t, I won’t, do it.

  • Anonymous

    It is really not a good idea to do this. (allow your personal political beliefs to show in class, or worse espouse them.)

    People on the left and the right are guilty of this, I believe.

    I’ve taken courses from very conservative profs in the old days and they never let their beliefs show in class. (Philosophy, 2, constitutional law, 1) The same cannot be said of some of my liberal profs back then. In fact I dropped a class over this issue. Outside the class, fine. Shout it to the roof tops. This is a free country and just because you are a prof does not mean you are not entitled to express your political beliefs. In the classroom, no.

    Nowadays, who knows…

    And I am a flaming liberal, but still don’t feel personal political beliefs belong in the classroom.

    Bill Gleason – U of M faculty