How one MN blogger sees the rankings

Just had to chuckle when I came across this Minnesota blogger’s home-brewed set of university rankings.

Comprehensive. Scientific. Unbiased.

1. St. Cloud State University; St. Cloud, Minnesota

2. University of North Dakota; Grand Forks, North Dakota

3. Harvard University; Cambridge, Massechusetts

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Cambridge, Massechusetts

5. Northwestern University; Evanston, Illinois

6. Stanford University; Palo Alto, California

7. Cornell University; Ithica, New York

8. Yale University; New Haven, Connecticut

9. University of Minnesota; Minneapolis, Minnesota<

10. John Hopkins University; Baltimore, Maryland

Other Notables:

2499. University of Wisconsin; Madison, Wisconsin…finishing second to last in the rankings in front of only Roy’s Acadamy of Hair and Makeup; Anchorage, Alaska