FBI scrutinizes Winona State guest speaker

For those who’ve missed it, I’m posting MPR reporter Laura Yuen’s article on University of Victoria professor Waziyatawin (formerly known as Angela Cavender Wilson), a Minnesota American Indian scholar who drew the attention of the FBI when she told a Winona State University audience that the Dakota people might have to reclaim lost tribal lands “by any means necessary”:

Yuen reported that when someone in the audience asked whether that could happen without violence, Waziyatawin said she was doubtful:

“Right now, for Dakota people, we’re going to need to reclaim land. We need to strategize about how we’re going to do that, whatever it takes, and those are conversations we have that are internal to Dakota communities. But in terms of dismantling industrial civilization, I think that can happen in any variety of ways, and I think that’s going to be about attacking infrastructure.”

Click here to read the full story and get a link to the audio of the speech.