Bruininks: We've cut admin, but it's not the biggest problem

Rep. Bob Dettmer (R-Forest Lake) recalled University of Minnesota President Bob Bruininks telling the Minnesota Daily student paper in the summer of 2008 that “there’s more administration than we need. We need to simplify the process.”

So what has happened since then? Dettmer asked.

Bruininks replied (though it’s not a verbatim quote):

There’s less than five tenths of one percent in high level administration. We’ve cut at least two vice presidents … and are down four to five major dean positions. There will be additional trimming. We combined (two top medical administrative positions) and closed three colleges. Our coordinate campuses have (cut) some vice chancellors. … This is something you work on continually. … I think our record is pretty good. … But you don’t always save as many dollars as you think when you cut administration. … I don’t think the university by any stretch is bloated with administration, but we can be leaner and meaner. So we’re mindful, but it’s not the most serious issue we need to face.