Bruininks: U of Minnesota is tougher, but reaching out more than before

Right after his appeals to the legislature to spare the University of Minnesota during budget talks, President Robert Bruininks writes an opinion piece in the Grand Forks Herald about the U’s academic progress and increased enrollment, saying he never could have made it there as a student today:

Over the course of the past decade, the university has made a concerted effort to strengthen the preparation of incoming students, the quality of their educational experience and the value of their knowledge and abilities to Minnesota and the nation. …

In the past six years, applications to the Twin Cities campus have nearly doubled to 36,800. In that same period, we’ve seen steady improvements in the academic profile of incoming students and steadily climbing retention and graduation rates — today, 91 percent of Twin Cities students continue after their first year, and four-year graduation rates have roughly doubled in the past decade.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps there is a lesson here for President Bruininks, who did, indeed, get into a state school when he was a lad in Michigan.

    Perhaps hard-working students who don’t have outstanding grades or SAT/ACTs should still be admitted to the U of M? Penn State’s incoming student stats are not as high as ours but their graduation rates are a lot higher. They have over 40,714 applicants. Why are we letting students in from out of state at bargain basement prices and excluding qualified Minnesota students? If we can’t compete on quality, then we’ll compete on price? We have the lowest out of state tuition (not including reciprocity) of any of the public schools in the BigTen by a wide margin…

    In his ambitious worship of the false god of third greatest public research university in the universe, the president has apparently forgotten that the U of M is supposed to be a land grant institution.l