A very quick look at MN higher-ed budget numbers


Here’s a quick take by the Pioneer Press’ Bill Salisbury on Minnesota higher education and the state budget.

Notice the last line. It’s not new stuff, but it’s interesting to see what comes of it.

Minnesota’s two higher-education systems want more money from the state over the next two years.

The University of Minnesota will request $642 million a year, and the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system is asking for $630 million a year.

That would mean an additional $100 million for the U, which plans to use the money to restore faculty positions, shore up student aid and keep up with rising costs. MnSCU officials say a nearly $50 million increase would help hold down tuition increases and provide up-to-date job skills to more Minnesotans.

Noting that 302 MnSCU administrators are paid more than the governor’s $120,000 salary, Dayton said he wants to revamp the way both higher-education systems are administered.