Worst college role models of 2010

Having made its list of scandals, The Huffington Post continues down the dark path with its list of Worst College Role Models of 2010. Here’s the abbreviated list:

  1. Karen Owen. The Duke student’s “thesis” — a tell-all comparison of the men she’d slept with — took the Internet by storm.
  2. Phusion Projects. Drinking the company’s alcoholic stimulant drink Four Loko carried some nasty consequences.
  3. Glenn Beck. His screwball Glenn Beck University was perhaps the year’s first piece of bad news for online schools.
  4. For-profit universities. Deceptive marketing, low graduation rates, high government loan default rates. And high executive salaries.
  5. Andrew Shirvell. Former Michigan assistant attorney targeted University of Michigan’s student body president Chris Armstrong for being gay. His rants were bizarre.
  6. Bobby Jindal. The Louisiana governor incensed students with his higher education budget cuts.
  7. Columbia University. Rude, unhygienic biz students. Unfriendly undergrads. Big drug bust. Incestuous political science professor.
  8. Mark Yudof. The University of California president — and former University of Minnesota chief — caused an uproar when he cost the University of California more than $600,000 in damages to his rented mansion.
  9. Cecilia Chang. The former St. John’s University dean (no, not our St. John’s) accused of embezzlement and exploitation of working students.
  10. Marc Hauser. The Harvard evolutionary biologist was responsible for eight counts of scientific misconduct, which Harvard has apparently been loathe to fully explain.
  11. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Yale Chapter. Offensive, vulgar pledge chants riled the campus.

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