Who is behind Save SCSU?

After I posted the piece, “Why St. Cloud students are irate,” St. Cloud State University administrator Loren J. Boone called me on an assumption I’d made, asking something to the effect of:

Who says the site is the work of students?

Good point. The site lists students first in its statement:

We are students, faculty, staff, and citizens concerned about the decisions St. Cloud State University has made in the face of the current budget crisis…..

And some students have weighed in. But it’s indeed not clear who put up the site, and some folks speculate that it may be one or more faculty members.

Whoever it may be, I’ve obviously waded into something messier than I first thought. The site stirred up a heated debate about the fairness of the budget cuts and the administration’s handling of the matter — as well as the fairness of the statements by the Save SCSU “group.”

Meanwhile, there’s another Facebook page (though with sparse content) called True SCSU with the statement:

Despite tumblings to the contrary, the administration of St. Cloud State University has provided ample opportunity for feedback and questions regarding the program cuts at the institution. The administration will continue to do so in the appropriate channels with the proper bargaining units such as employee unions, the Inter-Faculty Organization, and the Student Association.

In any case, check it all out and decide for yourself.