UK tuition protests become more violent

British students’ anger over rising tuition is boiling again.

The video above is from the Associated Press, which is covering increasingly aggressive student protests over a hike in the tuition cap to £9,000 — or about $14,000. That’s almost triple the current cap of £3,290.

From the BBC:

Riot police have been forcing back protesters who were smashing windows and trying to break into a side door of the Treasury. Protesters also smashed windows at the Supreme Court.

Earlier protesters had forced their way into Parliament Square and pressed against lines of police in front of the Houses of Parliament.

The London Ambulance Service says 19 people have been treated for injuries – six have been taken to hospital.

There were angry clashes as protesters – some throwing missiles – fought to break through police lines. Fires were started and buildings sprayed with graffiti.

The latest incident even hit Prince Charles, as reported by the AP:

Angry protesters in London have attacked a car containing Prince Charles, the heir to the British throne, and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

An Associated Press photographer saw demonstrators kick the car in Regent Street, in the heart of  London’s shopping district. The car then drove off.

The prince’s office had no immediate comment.

Protesters angry at a huge tuition fee hike are fighting with police and smashing windows in London.

The Guardian’s coverage is here, and the BBC’s is here.