U of M Professor Tilman's reaction to Himle's resignation

University of Minnesota ecologist David Tilman, who appeared in Troubled Waters — and had publicly doubted that the university bowed to outside pressure in its pulling of the film — told me when I asked him about Karen Himle’s resignation:

I envisioned we’d be hearing something like this. I’m not surprised this happened. Troubled Waters showed there was a bit of trouble with the fit of personalities (at the university).

It’s a tradition at universities for incoming presidents to change at least some of their senior staff, he said, “and I’d imagined there would be a change no matter what.” Himle’s bumpy ride over the past few months probably just made the scenario a little more likely.

He declined to say much more on the matter. But in any case, he told me:

I feel sympathy for anyone looking for work in this economy.