Top 10 college scandals of the year

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It was almost all about sex and sexuality this year on The Huffington Post’s list of Top 10 college scandals. (And is it every year?)

Hazing and race made a brief appearance, as did drugs. Only one scandal, however, was linked to money or academics.

Or has the list missed anything?

10. Columbia University Professor Admits to Incest

9. Black Sorority Uses “Slave” Tactics in Multiple Hazing Incidents

8. University of California San Diego Fraternity Sets Off Protests Following Racist Party

7. Student Runs Major Admissions-Scholarship Scam on Harvard

6. Girls Gone Wild At Miami University

5. University of Michigan’s Student Body President Stalked and Harassed by State’s Assistant Attorney General

4. College Soccer Coach Forced to Resign Due to Her Sexuality

3. Columbia Fraternities Suspended After Major Drug Bust by NYPD

2. Duke’s Infamous F*** List

1. A Suicide at Rutgers University

See the slideshow — with links to each story — here.