Tommie tips on acing finals

Reporter Gina Dolski has this list of lesser-known advice.

I’ve shortened it, but you can read the full article here.

1. Study Monday is not another Sunday

It is very tempting to treat the Sunday before finals as another excuse to cut loose, because after all, you have all Monday to study. Do not give into that idea.

2.  Sign up for a study room early

Group projects rarely get accomplished sitting around a living room with the television playing in the background. But remember that study rooms go fast.

3. Late-night breakfast is essential

The late-night breakfast provides an opportunity for a study break and food that does not come in a package. The Tommie breakfast starts at 10 p.m. and is in the Murray-Herrick cafeteria. (A trip to Perkins for others?)

4. Relax with the Wellness Center spa day

Sanity flies out the window during finals week. Sleep becomes a luxury and stress migraines are a possibility. If a massage sounds like a great idea, there is a place on campus to get one. (Sweet idea, but where would non-Tommies go?)

5. Solitude of the Minneapolis Campus

During finals week, trying to find a small section of the library to call your own is near impossible. The Charles J. Keffer library on the Minneapolis Campus is my study secret. (Non-Tommies might consider other libraries as well.)