Six things that could ruin a 4.0

Shooting for that perfect score?

Education reporter Liz O’Neill lists several things to avoid if you don’t want to blow it. Here’s an abbreviated list:

  • Telling People You Have a 4.0 GPA: At every college, there’s always one professor who’s philosophically opposed to straight A’s.
  • Studying Abroad: If you’re a 4.0 candidate who’s determined to study abroad, go someplace English-speaking, so you’ll at least be aware of the absent-minded fluff you’re handing in to your host lecturers.
  • Taking a “Blow-Off” Class Those so-called “easy A’s” are false advertising. They’re more often easy A minuses and B pluses.
  • Choosing Brainy Roommates Living with the best of the best only breeds nervous breakdowns.
  • DVR Technology Do you record more than 2 or 3 programs per day? Just say no.
  • Fatty Foods Some research suggests that high fat diets lead to slower cognition.

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