Photos: Dog Day Afternoon at Mac

Macalester College

Some people keep aquariums around to reduce stress, because they find them soothing.

During exams, Macalester College uses dogs.

This Saturday, the college will hold its twice-a-year “Dog Day Afternoon,” when students can meet in front of the student center and hug the pet dogs of faculty and alumni.

Get some warm fuzzies by checking out last year’s photos below, and read the full story here.

Macalester CollegeMacalester CollegeMacalester CollegeMacalester College

  • This is a great program that Mac offers it’s students.
    Concordia University, St. Paul has a similar program, Canine Connections, that has been running for several years. Every few weeks, a volunteer (most often a staff or faculty member) brings in their dog for a few hours to visit with students in “the tunnel,” which is the main connecting hallway on campus. It’s great to hear stories from students about how much they look forward to the dogs coming in and how it reminds them of being home with their own animals. I hope more colleges start to do similar programs!

    • Anonymous

      Send me a photo or two!