Notes in the Margins: Kline, ROTC and the IRS

U panel weighs who’s best suited to become a regent Soon, the process of picking candidates for four open spots on the Board of Regents will get political. One disappointed applicant says it already has. (Star Tribune)

Rep. Kline is ready for chairman’s job The chairman of a committee of the U.S. Congress has a lot of power. U.S. Rep. John Kline, a Republican from Lakeville who was first elected in 2002, will chair the Committee on Education and Labor when Republicans take over the U.S. House in January. (Pioneer Press)

Spare the Rod, Pay the Prof To persuade professors to teach online, the University of Kentucky is offering to share tuition revenues from online students with colleges and departments that accommodate them. In the College of Arts and Sciences, professors — who are not generally given bonuses for developing new courses — are offered $5,000 to adapt a course to the online medium. (Inside Higher Ed)

Goodbye DADT, Hello ROTC Presidents of some of the nation’s highest profile colleges and universities, where the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps program has been barred for decades, said that the U.S. Senate’s vote Saturday to repeal “don’t ask, don’t tell” will usher the return of the program to their campuses — though the exact procedure remained unclear. (Inside Higher Ed)

IRS Steps Up Scrutiny of Colleges and Other Nonprofit Groups With more workers to oversee charitable organizations, the agency is focusing on loans to officials, unpaid employment taxes, and the results of a compliance questionnaire. (Chronicle of Higher Education)