MSU Mankato's parking dilemma

The Minnesota State University Mankato Reporter quotes a student who’s concerned about the school’s inadequate supply of parking spaces:

“[The administration] needs to realize that every year the student body, as a mass, as a whole, has gotten bigger, and they have done nothing about parking,” said Tom Roys, a fourth-year student. “They need to realize that with the increasing number of commuting students, they need to accommodate us, especially when we are paying good money to attend this school.”

And yet:

Some students, who have already felt the impact of higher student fees this year, are hesitant to pay for parking privileges.

“Paying for parking is very expensive,” said Mike Euerle, a senior. “With the rising tuition costs it is hard for me to pay for that on top of everything else.”

We can all see where this is going…..