Interviewees for the 4 open slots on U of Minnesota Board of Regents

The state legislature’s Regent Candidate Advisory Council has released its list 18 interviewees for four slots on the University of Minnesota Board of Regents:

At-Large: Allen Anderson, Gordon Bailey, Steven Hunter and Robert Kennedy

Second District: Laura Brod, Thomas Devine, Kelly Smith, Steven Sviggum, Robert Vogel

and Leon Westbrock

Third District: David Larson, Norman Rickeman and Roby Thompson, Jr.

Eighth District: William Burns, George Goldfarb, Scott Lyons, David McMillian and Robert Ostlund

The Uptake points out:

Representative Laura Brod is one of 18 finalists for four University of Minnesota Regent seats.  Also up for the same job, a fellow Republican, Former Speaker of the House Steve Sviggum who is currently Governor Tim Pawlenty’s Budget Manager. It’s not a cinch that either of them will get the job since there are four other candidates for the same job.

A pool of 46 originally applied for the seats, which have six-year terms. Staggered appointments mean four seats are open every two years.

The interviews are public and will happen January 10-12.