How to discuss sex and dating like a college student


Dan Reimold, author of Sex and the University: Celebrity, Controversy, and a Student Journalism Revolution, has posted a sampling of this college generation’s dating and sexual lingo.

To me, some of it is just repackaged stuff we used to say in the 1980s, but other terms show a difference in attitude.

What it tells Reimold:

The vocabulary hints at a campus culture in which romance is dead, monogamy is dying, and, as one columnist puts it, “sex is sex is sex is sex.”

Here are a few snippets. You can see the original list here.

Ex (v.): “It has become a phenomenon. ‘Ex’ used to just be a former lover. Recently, a combination of slang and relationship behavior has caused it to become a verb, ‘to ex’: to hook-up or, in some cases, get back together with an old boyfriend or girlfriend.”

Gamer widow (n.): a female who is forgotten in a relationship in favor of video games.

Half-night stand (n.): a shortened version of the one-night stand; leaving a sexual partner’s bedside before morning, typically before the partner wakes.