How Eric Kaler's teaching was rated

Having just posted a look at, I thought I’d look up the University of Minnesota’s president-designate, Eric Kaler. (Update: This is just for fun.)

Whoa — nice score.

It’s from his University of Delaware days. He’s got no chili pepper, but hey — it’s the engineering department.

  • Anonymous

    C’mon get serious.

    There are THREE ratings here…

    cum grano salo?

    Don’t be taken in by small sample statistics.


    Bill Tolman (U of M ) 3.5 with 42 ratings.

    Bill Ojala (St. Thomas) 4.8 with 18 ratings

    Chuck Ojala (Normandale) 4.7 with 15 ratings


    I think the larger the sample size, the more reliable the ratings. Lots of good profs in Minnesota.

  • Anonymous

    Bill, this is all just for fun.