Goldy Gopher is NBC's top sports mascot this week

Goldy kicks a little butt

Having earned the title of “hardest-working mascot in show business,” the University of Minnesota’s Goldy Gopher has topped this week’s Mascot Power Rankings on NBC Sports blog Off the Bench.

Writer Rick Chandler says:

… It’s difficult to pinpoint the coolest thing about Goldy Gopher. He’s seemingly everywhere on campus; from Minnesota hockey games to the Minnesota College of Science and Engineering’s 75th anniversary festivities. But here’s two great things I just learned recently: Goldy is the only college mascot to my knowledge who has dressed like a member of KISS and performed at halftime. Also, he’s had custom Nike shoes made just for him.

Click on the photo above or this link to see the championship entry video. (Goldy was in the Top 10 in a similar posting in October.)

Here’s the video about the shoes:

And you can read more about Goldy and the rest of the list here.