St. Cloud State student charged with stealing racy MLB photos


Interesting cyber-crime story:

The Star Tribune reports that 19-year-old St. Cloud State University student Leah M. Ayers of Apple Valley has been charged with breaking into the e-mail account of Playboy playmate Brittany Binger and stealing racy digital photos she’d received from her boyfriend, Cleveland Indians baseball player Grady Sizemore.

Apparently, the photos all over the Internet last year. (Sorry, you’ll have to look them up yourself. This is a family blog.)

The Star Tribune describes them:

The 15-photo set includes some showing him fully clothed but also others that show him nude, or partially nude, including as he stands in front of a bathroom mirror, using his cell phone to photograph himself. He’s alone in all of the photos.

Binger told police that she apparently doesn’t even know Ayers, and that the pictures either came from the cell phone or from her e-mail account. A criminal complaint said someone used Ayers’ laptop to look at Binger’s social media accounts, and could have used personal info from those to get into her e-mail account.

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