As I’ve posted before, some recent law school grads are furious over their student loan debts, claiming their law schools lured them in by exaggerating their job prospects. Now the nonprofit Law School Transparency Project is trying to help by producing better data on the schools so prospective students can make better-informed decisions about whether Read more

So much for Four Loko, the caffeine-and-alcohol bomb that has been on the radar of authorities. Now the latest rage is alcoholic whipped cream called “Whipped Lightning,” according to WGN-TV in Chicago: …College campus leaders are concerned that the new whipped cream product poses a serious threat to college students because many students use the Read more

Workers seek new skills at community colleges, but classes are full All over the United States, community college enrollments have surged with unemployed and underemployed people seeking new skills. But just as workers have turned to community colleges, states have cut their budgets, forcing the institutions to turn away legions of students and stymieing the Read more

From the Let’s-Raise-Money-Off-the-Internet-in-a-Goofy-Way Department: Kelli Space, 23, a recent graduate of Northeastern University, is $200,000 in debt from her student loans. So in desperation she launched a Web site —, explaining how her naivete got her into this mess, and asked for donations. She’s taken her hits in various blogs and comments sections. People Read more