Notes in the Margins: Health care, plagiarism and applying early

SMU’s relationship with BP misunderstood The relationship between GeoSpatial Services (GSS) of Saint Mary’s University and British Petroleum (BP) is often misunderstood. (

UPlan to change due to health care reform bill Federal health care reform was signed into law in March, but the changes affecting University of Minnesota faculty who receive coverage as a benefit will be implemented in a series of changes over the next few years. (

Plagiarism Accusation Creates a New Climate of Fear There is not a single example in the mega-scan that demonstrates that I intentionally presented the ideas of others as my own. (

A Supportive Nudge for Minority Graduate Students on the Path to a Ph.D. The students, meeting in Florida along with their mentors and junior faculty members, received practical advice and inspiration. (

Fair Game: For-Profit Schools, Tested Again The Securities and Exchange Commission has requested information about stock sales made by some top officials of the Apollo Group, which owns the University of Phoenix. (

Applying Early Is the New Black Do all students really have to apply early to have any chance to get into their dream school? It feels like early is the new black — the one admission essential everyone needs in their arsenal in order to gain acceptance to college. Is that true? I think the answer is yes and no. (