MnSCU to ask legislature for $630 million annually in next two years

Just got this from MnSCU HQ:

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities board approves budget request

to Legislature

The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Board of Trustees on

Wednesday approved a recommendation from Chancellor James H. McCormick

that the board request $630 million annually from the state in 2012 and


The request is the amount set by the Legislature as the base last


“The request recognizes the state’s difficult economic situation,”

said Scott Thiss, who chairs the Board of Trustees. “By funding the

request, the Legislature would help us hold down tuition increases and

give more Minnesotans a chance to gain the skills and knowledge they

need in today’s job market.”

Chancellor James H. McCormick said: “Employers in every region of

the state depend on the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities to

prepare and maintain a skilled workforce, increase employee productivity

and promote new business growth. In the near future, this state simply

must have more college graduates to remain globally competitive. To do

this, we are working hard to recruit, retain and graduate more students

but we must have adequate resources.” Eighty percent of the system’s

graduates remain in the state.

The request amounts to a $49.7 million increase and would provide

funding to preserve quality in instructional and student support

services, provide 21st century equipment in classrooms and laboratories,

invest in systemic efficiency improvements and sustain cutting-edge

workforce development programs.

Currently, the system receives less state support than it did in

fiscal year 2002.  The system has experienced a 25 percent enrollment

increase in recent years, placing tremendous pressures on faculty and

student services.