Mankato student editor: Give me Four Loko, liberty and death

Nate Brennan, editor-in-chief of the Minnesota State University Mankato Reporter, cries out against the government battle against Four Loko, the alcoholic caffeine drink involved in the hospitalization or death of a number of student drinkers:

Well I’m more than happy to inform you sanctimonious worriers of idiotic college students that we don’t need saving. Just because a few of us idiots were more idiotic than others and overdosed on the beverage does not make the beverage the reason for their deaths, their inability to make rational decisions and calculate the basic mathematics of their bodies is to be blamed. If you can’t figure out that drinking an excess amount of Four Loko (or any alcoholic beverage or taking 21 shots on your birthday) is a bad idea, then you’re begging to be a nominee for next year’s Darwin Awards.