Lake Superior College cuts 4 VP positions

Lake Superior College in Duluth is cutting up to two thirds of its vice president positions, the Duluth News Tribune reports.

It’s the first big change under new president Patrick Johns, and is a move to combat a budget shortfall of up to $2.5 million for the 2011-12 school year.

Who’s being kept: the VPs for academic affairs; finance & administration.

Who’s going: the VPs for technology/e-campus; institutional research & strategic planning; student services; workforce & community development.

That last VP probably won’t be a complete cut, however. The chief for workforce & community development will likely be reassigned to a similar position in that field, though Lake Superior spokesman Gary Kruchowski told me it’s unclear what the scope of his position — or his pay level — will be.

Otherwise, the remaining VPs will take up the responsibilities of those who are leaving.

Interestingly enough, the responsibilities for technology/e-campus will be split. Technology will fall under the finance & administration position, Kruchowski told me, and the e-campus part will go to the VP for academic affairs.

I’m curious to see how that will affect — if at all — the coherence of the online education and technology components.

The news is still a bit new to the campus, Kruchowski said. Next week the college will hold forums on the new developments for staff and faculty.

Lake Superior isn’t alone. Community colleges across the nation have taken a financial pounding.