Kaler's salary vs. his old Stony Brook pay, Bruininks' pay

Quick math:

Bruininks’ pay as of this fall was $455,000 base pay, $650,000 with benefits.

Kaler’s base salary is $610,000 (close to double his old Stony Brook base of $347,000.) Starting in his second year, Kaler will theoretically get $660,000, including his $50,000 retirement benefits. But I haven’t read through his contract yet.

Does anyone with more business acumen than I have any suggestions about what elements to compare?

  • Guest

    I have a suggestion: Don’t write articles about things you know nothing about. Executive compensation is a discipline of study obviously beyond your league.

    • Anonymous

      I think you’re jumping the gun on this one. What I put out are some very basic starting numbers — with a caveat attached — in the minutes after Kaler’s contract was announced. It’s nether an “article” nor an analysis.

      Feel free to contribute insight or information to the conversation, as I requested in my post. Snide comments from the cloak of anonymity, however, add nothing to anyone’s understanding.