How much state higher-ed employees make

For those who may have missed it, the St. Cloud Times has a neat little searchable database of the names and 2009 salaries of state employees, which include those at state-run higher ed institutions such as the University of Minnesota (all campuses) and those in the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system (MnSCU). The state Office of Higher Education is there, too.

You can find the main article here and more database options (for the U of M and a few past years) here.

Here are the findings for the St. Cloud area. I’ve added some compensation figures and made some type bold for emphasis:

As of August, there were 3,031 state employees working in St. Cloud, with the most at St. Cloud State, St. Cloud Technical & Community College and the prison.

St. Cloud State’s (President Earl) Potter ($330,000) is the third highest-paid MnSCU employee, surpassed only by (Chancellor James) McCormick ($444,000) and Mankato State University’s president, Richard Davenport ($333,000).

The highest-paid faculty at St. Cloud State were Robert Prout, chairman of the criminal justice department, who earned $275,325 in total compensation last year; Eric Rudrud, a professor in the department of educational leadership and community psychology, who earned $224,580; and Robert J. Murphy, a professor of counselor education, higher education and educational psychology, who earned $214,540.

MnSCU faculty can boost their pay by taking on additional responsibilities such as being a department head or teaching summer session or online courses. An incentive in the faculty contract pays professors on a per-student, per-credit basis for teaching online courses beyond their full-time load.