Graphic: The rise of college costs vs. inflation


  • TSL

    These graphs would be much more meaningful if they showed how much state support declined each year. Fifteen years ago, 60% (or more) of the cost of a student’s time at a public university in Minnesota was covered by state contributions to the university. Now, state contributions to the university are well under 30%.

    • Anonymous


      Just heard something to that effect yesterday, though I think it’s something like 20 percent. What a change.

  • Rmoore1754

    Rather than tuition, fees, room and board, it would be better to know how the budget for the University of MN has increased over time relative to the growth in the average income and inflation. I suspect we would find that the U’s expenses have far outstripped our growth in income and the general inflation rate.

    • Anonymous

      I would suspect so, too. Would be interesting to see which areas have grown the most — by percent and in total dollars. Something to pull together from all those university charts and graphs.