Why students protested at St. Thomas' law school


TommieMedia reports how demonstrators hit St. Thomas School of Law yesterday to criticize two participants in a panel discussion — St. Thomas law professor Robert Delahunty, and University of California-Berkeley law professor John Yoo — whose legal memos to the Bush Administration they say condoned torture and facilitated its use during the War on Terror.

Tommie journalist Katie Broadwell quotes former FBI agent and whistle-blower Coleen Rowley, who was in the protest:

“These professors here made all kinds of legal loopholes to allow torture,” Rowley said. “But torture is the worst method to use unless you want somebody to clam up and not tell the truth.”

The article reports that most law students seemed to ignore the demonstration, and didn’t seem to know much about the issue. One student did say she’d look into it, but it seems the St. Thomas professor does have his fans.

Broadwell writes:

Some passerby honked car horns at the protesters and some shouted out their agreement with the signs. Some people in other cars voiced their disagreement with the protesters. A few students driving by yelled, “Delahunty is my professor,” and “Delahunty!” in what appeared to be support for the professor.

Read more of the story — and check out a slide show of the demonstration — here.